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New messiahStudio quick look Videos - Using Version 4

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Hair Dynamics
William Eggington shows this funny example of realtime hair dynamics working on the long hair guides.


The soft body dynamics can be used to provide secondary action, even in realtime playback.


Point Animation is one of the blow away new tools in messiah 4, allowing you to sculpt animation over the top of your regular animation deformers.


More Point Animation (no sound)
A silent demonstration of the Point Animation tool showing most of it's functions.


Animation Productivity Tools
Speeding up those simple tasks we do so often in animation make all the difference. Vrooom vrooom!


Breakdown slider
Another wonderful little workflow enhancer, the breakdown slider gives you a fast and easy way of starting your breakdown by favoring the pose previous or ahead of the current frame. Then you can tweak your breakdown from there.


Scene/Character Referencing
This little download video shows you how you can use the referencing system in messiah to reference a rig into another scene instead of just copying it in.


messiah Modo
Just how does one work with a multi program pipeline where one uses specialized tools for the task, instead of cluttered single 'all encompassing' applications? messiah Modo shows you how.


Attach / Detach
This video shows just how easy it can be to dynamically attatch and detach items from a character's hand in messiah. Simple as that!

Version 3 Videos

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useful slug shows how to apply autorig. The rig created is a bit more advanced now but the process is still quite similar. For more visit: useful slug


Auto Morph Setup With Endomorphs
Support for lightwave and modo endomorphs is made easy with auto setup.


Fur 101 - part 1
The basics of setting up fur in messiah 3.


Fur 101 - part 2
The basics of setting up fur in messiah 3 part 2.


Move To Align Key
This simple script moves and aligns an item to another item and keys it in place, basically snapping one item to another item on a frame.


Cat Fur
A simple tutorial by useful slug to show how to set up fur on this cat model.


Change Curve Type
An easier way of changing curve type for multiple objects.


This tutorial goes through the basics of how to add instances to your scene in messiah 3. Instances are a memory efficient way of adding copies of the same object in the same scene.


Copy Pose
This small addition will allow you to create an interface with various poses to your character easily.


Dynamic Parent In Place
Do you like to pick up girls? No? How about props? Dynamic Parent In Place will do just that.


General Rendering
This somewhat epic tutorial goes through a lot of the new rendering stuff in messiah 3 and is meant as an encompassing first look at a lot of the new stuff.


IK FK Quaternion Blending
Blending between IK and FK was always a good idea. Now it's even better! Here's how to do it between two chains using spherical linear interpolation, giving both a very stable IK chain and a very smoothly interpolated swap.


Pitch Flip Correction
Did your interpolation go crazy when you used local, world or screen coordinate rotation. That's due to the rotation problem with euler angles (the one we're most used to reading). PitchFlip correction fixes your problem.

Version 2 and above Videos



messiah As A Plug-In For Other Apps
This video shows you the two main ways of connecting messiah to a host application and illustrates how the connection is "live", meaning that changes made in messiah will automatically show up in the host, without needing to reload or restart.


Armatures I
It's just too hard to describe Armatures and really give you an understanding of how fantastic they are. It's not just about rigs to control characters. Armatures is an easy to use system to customize the interface, create custom controls, and tools.


Armatures II
Part two of the Armatures tutorial.


We've had lots of letters from users who told us what a pleasure it is creating skeletons in messiah compared to other apps. This video shows how quickly you can set up a skeleton. All of the bones are left at their default settings, and no additional weight tools are used-- this is just straight bones.


Remember what happened to the Wicked Witch of the West? Now you can relive those precious childhood memories with our unique Melt effect. But as you'll see in the video, it's useful for so many things besides melting your characters into the ground.


Motion Dynamics
John Riggs demonstrates Motion Dynamics for springs, ropes, etc. Note: The setup method has been slightly streamlined since this video was created. We will post an updated video soon.


Global Illumination
Gary Chike gives a brief overview of how to set up a scene with messiahStudio's Global Illumination rendering system.


Light Emitting Objects
Gary Chike shows you how to set up a scene in which the only light source comes from an object. Light Emitting Objects are great f or things like neon signs, molten lava, fireflies, etc.


Render Groups
Julian Herring introduces messiahStudio's unique Render Groups feature. This lets you group specific items together, giving you powerful control over how they will be rendered. For example, specific lights can be set only to affect the items within a specific Render Group.


Animate Immediate
This new workflow enhancement lets you work faster by allowing you to simply click-drag items rather than taking the extra step of selecting the items first.


Armatures In Action - A Mini Tutorial
Max Glick of shows you how to set up a complete Armature system for an IK arm. Using Armature controls makes animation extremely easy.


Box Controllers (Morph control)
Here's a really quick look at how to set up a box controller for morph targets. Some people prefer these to sliders, so here's how to do it in messiah.


Flexetera (Flex & More)
This video will show you how "the building blocks" approach that messiah uses can quickly and easily add unbelievable control to your setups: take Flex, throw in some bones, maybe a sprinkling of expressions, and before you know it you've got yourself a great-looking character.


MetaEffectors (Weighting Tool)
MetaEffectors are one of messiah's dynamic, versatile, animatable weighting tools. You had a brief glimpse of them in the Melt video (below), but here's a more detailed look. This video is presented by Joe Cosman, who has created a series of messiah training videos. For more information about Joe's products click here.


Pose System
Julian Herring demonstrates messiah's system of easily storing and recalling character poses. The pose system allows you to work extremely fast, whether creating final animation or just roughing out a scene.


Soft Body Dynamics
Joe Cosman illustrates a unique way of setting up collision detection with the Soft Body Dynamics effect. For more information about Joe's products click here.