About us

Main Development By:  Fori Owurowa with support from- Taron Baysal - Fred Tepper - Ron Griswold

Additional Development support By: Vegard Myklebust, Pekka Kytola and Christopher Lutz and a communtity of users.

Original Versions and Concept (1998-2000): Fori Owurowa, Dan MIlling and Lyle Milton - Three talented developers who dared to think differently and change an entire industry; with no funding, and at times surviving on only sheer determination to produce software that was always pushing the edge, and still ahead of its time.
Special Thanks to:

William Eggington - Vegard Myklebust - Pekka Kytola - Christopher Lutz - Ray Cross - Kursad Karatas - Pal Syvertsen - Advanced Installer,
Glen Miller, and all the other folks who have given their time and energy to help make versions ever better. We really, truly appreciate it.