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Whether you come from another CG software or just looking to explore what you can do, you'll be amazed by messiah's innovative smart bones, realtime feedback, plugin ability and low learning curve. Feature Film, Television, Music Videos, Simulation, Research, and Game Development; messiahStudio has been part of it all since 1999, empowering a small group of people, or even a single person to do what large studios can do. What will you do?

New Version 6 Pro Released
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Over 65 improvements, advanced technologies, super speed and quality enhancments      

850 meters




Advanced Deformers

messiah's deformer doctrine is to perform in real time, whenever possible, while giving you great control. Achieve amazing results without bogging down the animator or taking away from their feedback speed. From the high end Point Animation module, which borrows approaches from up and coming modelling techniques for use in animation, to the super fast and flexible bone system, lattices, positive mean value coordinate deformers and many more. messiah's deformation system provides you with the best tools for your trade.



Create rig interfaces, buttons and general utilities for your world view easily using armatures. These 2d buttons can respond in any way form or fashion you can think of.


Flexible Expression System

The expressions in messiah allow you full control over execution order as well as provide you with a huge library of constraints. Changing what happens and when in the expression hirearchy couldn't be easier. Autocompletion and menu selections of targets helps you make far more complex rigs than you might have even thought possible.

Autorig v3

Not so techy? In a rush? Lazy? Welcome to high production! With AutoRig3 a fantastic professional rig is mere minutes away.



messiah was built from the ground up for expansion. The SDK provides great and easy access to everything messiah, and the scripting language is simple to read and understand.





Realtime Feedback

Animate at the speed of now! messiah allows realtime playback of advanced rigs; even when characters have hair, soft body dynamics, and subdivision surfaces. Instead of always having to build play-blasts, you can animate interactivley and immediately see your changes.


Point Animation Module

Just want to fix that pose up a bit? Go ahead and tweak the mesh on any given frame. Tweak the silhouette, fix that intersection; messiah's Point Animation module allows you to fix up anything on any given frame, using natural sculpting brush tools from new modelling methodologies. The interpolation is smooth, non linear and doesn't overshoot. What more could you want? (Pro Edition)


Animation Productivity Tools

Our suite of animation tools include simple scripts to help your characters interact with objects, create favoring breakdowns easily, create smooth non overshooting curves and re-time your animation. Animation is fun again.


Helpful Display Modes

Animate your 3D, in 3D! Use Red / Cyan 3d glasses to view your animation in 3d right in the viewport. Or toggle the silhouette mode to more clearly see the silhouette of your poses.






Use messiah's hair creation tools and / or external modellers to create and comb guide hairs for your objects. Then apply realtime dynamics and hair shaders to complete the look. This is neccessary fluff.


Beautiful Glass Dispersion and Caustics

messiah's renderer features advanced glass dispersion and caustic rendering of transparent surfaces.


Sub Surface Scattering

The speed and controllability of messiah's translucency shading is perfect for character creation. Advanced skin materials can be created with the greatest ease and gives your characters the lifeblood they deserve and desire.


Fast Global Illumination

Global illumination in messiah uses several selectable custom methods to achieve great quality and speed in any situation.


Flexible Nodal Shaders

The nodal shading system is both an extremely flexible and powerful way of controlling your materials that encourages experimentation. The shaders include a great selection of procedural noise types, as well as more specific shaders such as the customizable particle cloud shader and the DollEyes procedural eye shader.