is a powerful animation & rendering software package specifically designed to handle the most demanding character animation & rendering needs. It has been quietly used in feature films, commercials, games, music videos and print ads for over 20 years; and is one of the fastest growing CG packages on the market.


It's innovative animation centeric workflow is first priority in every aspect of the program, which makes for a unique and fun experience. People have reported feeling "giddy" and "inspired" after seeing just a small sampling of what the program can do. messiahStudio can be used as a complete stand-alone animation and rendering package, or as a powerful addition to Modo, Maya, 3DMAX, SoftImage XSI, LightWave, Cinema 4D or an in-house proprietary application; through extensive animation export capabilities (fbx, mdd, collada), Host Connection plugins and Host API.


Maya users love it's powerful and easy rigging capabilities, such as the ability to setup custom control rigs with visual Armatures, without the need to write MEL scripts. And messiah's "smart bones", that work the way you want, immediately, without requiring weight maps (though weighting systems can be used too).
"messiahStudio is all the power you've wanted, but thought you couldn't afford."

Now in its sixth major iteration, messiah features a new breakthrough hair module, fast and flexible point level animation control, beautiful glass rendering with dispersion, fast volumetric designable clouds, advanced Global Illumination options ,new Autorig module, FBX export and more.


messiahStudio Pro Edition $1195 Basic Edition
renderer & shader system * *
character animation * *
custom character rigging * *
AutoRig * *
UV Bake Render (output your material to a texturemap) *
Dynamic Render Interactive Rendering *
scripting * *
view shader flow displacement in the world view * *
scene referencing *
plug-in API * *
hair with collision, dynamics and guides  *
point animation module *
Sketch (Draw on top of your scene) *
32 Bit version * *
native 64Bit version (Windows OS) *
multi-core CPU support Up to 16 cores 2 core limit
unlimited rendernode license *
animation host connectivity * *
render host connectivity * *
particle system * *
non-linear editor * *
expression system * *
soft-body & motion dynamics * *
motion capture import. BVH & HTR * *
FBX export * *
anaglyph stereo world view * *
plus over 200 other production level features * *
Prices and specifications, subject to change without notice.

Software awards


  • Seal of Excellence - Animation Magazine
  • Innovation Award - Computer Graphics World
  • Golden Pixie Award - Animation Magazine
  • Front Line Award (Finalist) - Game Developer Magazine
  • Technology Top 15 - Animation Magazine
  • Best of Siggraph - Animation Magazine
  • Wired for 3D Editor's Choice

Awards for others using messiah software


  • Academy Award Nomination- The Triplets of Belleville
  • Academy Award Nomination- Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  • 2009 Film Competition - Fair Trading? (Thuristar Productions)
  • Parents Choice Award - Andy's Airplanes
  • The Jury Honors Award at Siggraph - Fallen Art
  • Best Short Film at International Festival - Fallen Art
  • Best Animation Gold- Axis Animation & Disney (Toy Story promo package)
  • The Jury Honors Award at Siggraph-F8 (Jason Wen short film)

messiah has created effects for:


  • 850 Meters
  • Plankton Invasion
  • Iron Maiden
  • Syriana
  • Ghost Rider
  • Into The Deep
  • Harry Potter
  • Hell Boy
  • Xmen
  • Zambizia
  • Jimmy Neutron
  • The Tripletes of Belleville
  • Tremors 3
  • The Reeker
  • JSF
  • Mechwarrior