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Below is a sample collection of videos users have created using messiahStudio.  

** Some of these were created many years ago, and the links may not be active or have been moved **

** Some videos were created with older video codecs and will only play when downloaded, and the video player may find and install the correct codec **


> Urs
(website) by Moritz Mayerhofer & Jonas Jarvers
The Filmakademie students animated this impressive and unique looking short in messiah. Be sure to check out some of the messiah scripts Jonas has made available on his website. Fair Trading?
(Youtube) by Joeri Christiaen (Thuristar productions)
Winner of the 2009 film competition organized by / Trade for Development Center.
A film by Joeri Christiaen - Music by Frederik Segers - Creative Producer : Perrine Gauthier - A THURISTAR production - With the technical support of Grid-vfx, useful slug and pmG Worldwide.

www.projectmessiah.comGloballing your warming
( by Joeri Christiaen (Thuristar/Tinkertree productions)
Joeri did this fantastic music video promo for the Plankton Invasion web series he created. Plankton Invasion will soon be invading your TV screens. Lukas dad is not a rabbit
(Youtube) by Bortbyting
This is the trailer for the short film Lukas Dad Is Not A Rabbit. Magnus Fredriksson created this 29 minute animation almost entirely by himself in 1.5-2 years.

www.projectmessiah.comNetwork Rail New Lines Study CGI Concept Animation
(Vimeo) by Darkside Animation & Nick Scott Studios
Darkside Animation produced the Network Rail - New Lines concept together with Nick Scott Studios for Pretzel films & Network Rail. It was featured all across the British media, including the BBC. Dingsdale
(Quicktime) by Taron
An amazing combination of animation and rendering techniques gives this guy a creepy sense that you can reach into the screen and touch him; or vice versa. Cattaraugus
(Quicktime) by Taron
A test of the displacement landscape, with a character created, rigged and animated over a weekend. Clownfish
(Quicktime) by Julien Ebel
Julien Ebel did this lovely clown fish animation with the clown fish rig provided in the messiah content directory. The dialogue is in French, and says: " You know Jack ... you look more and more like an old prune!"

www.projectmessiah.comPlankton Invsaion trailer
(YouTube) by Tinkertree productions - TeamTo
Here's the second teaser for the Plankton Invasion web series. Another fantastic job by one man army Joeri Christiaen. If you wish to see all the webisodes created so far go to Plankton Invasion will soon be invading your TV screens. Dandrazol ads
(Quicktime) by Darkside Animation
Modelling: Michael D. Rollinson.
Rigging, animation, rendering: Vegard Myklebust.
Compositing: Caroline Phasey."The Island" test animation
(Quicktime) by 3D2D Animatori
This lovely little animation test is for a short film by Sasa Budimir, have a look at for more information about the project. Andy's Airplanes
(Website) by Eggington Productions
Andy's Airplanes is a DVD TV show for kids animated and rendered in messiah. Eggington productions and Entity Agency were the creators behind this pilot episode with 22 minutes of animation.

www.projectmessiah.comFeeding Stations
(mp4) by useful slug
This somewhat absurd little story is about a large man who finds himself in a quite peculiar and somewhat grotesque situation. (Contains some nudity) Bavik Nuts Ad
(Quicktime) by useful slug for Grid VFX
This funny little ad was produced by useful slug for Grid VFX. Animation, rigging & rendering: useful slug - Animators: Brian Nicolucci, Monika Bress, Vegard Myklebust - Sound & post processing: GRID vfx

www.projectmessiah.comAlien head
(Flash) by Eggington Productions
This quirky character was made by William Eggington to showcase the new global illumination sub surface scattering, in messiah 4. Norfolkline Ads
(Quicktime) by Darkside Animation for Chamelion Design / Norfolk line
Captain Jesper features in a series of quick skits for Norfolk line.

www.projectmessiah.comTopkani Ad
(Flash) by Undo
These amusing little adverts for Topkani were done by the skillful folk at Undo in Finland. Mischief Ident 1 - Slice
(Quicktime) by Darkside Animation
These idents for the Egyptian comedy channel features the Mischief character in a bunch of short skits. Mischief Ident 2 - Melt
(Quicktime) by Darkside Animation
These idents for the Egyptian comedy channel feature the Mischief character in a bunch of short skits. Dino
(mp4) by useful slug & Darkside Animation
Part of don's dino animation from the content directory, texture painted by Caroline Phasey, Mike Rollinson & Vegard Myklebust, lighting and rendering Vegard Myklebust. Demo Reel
(Quicktime) by Marek Schneider
This demo real shows rigs and interactive feedback controls for animation. Created in 2005, and still impressive.

Craving Berlin?
(6.8mb MPEG format, sound)  by etwas neues entsteht (concept) & BrainPets (direction/production)
This video was made for the Berlin Tourism board.  It was directed by David Maas, who also did the modeling, shading, animation, and monster sounds.  Rigging was by Marek Schneider, and Stefan "Brederock" Bredereck handled the render wrangling, compositing, music, sound effects and output.

(15mb DivX format, sound)  by Taron
This video is a great example of messiahStudio's displacement rendering.  The character object is the same throughout the video, and the changes are made entirely with texturing and displacements created in Pixologic's ZBrush.

www.projectmessiah.comNeckling Change
(1mb  Quicktime) by Taron
Another sample of "displacement map morphing" created by Taron.

(1mb  Quicktime) by Taron
Taron's original "displacement map morphing" test.  This is a very simple object that gets all of its detail from the displacement maps.  The actual model is visible on the upper right in the animation.

The Bridge
(4mb MPEG or 1.6mb Real Player  format, sound) by Guillaume Laforge
Digital Artists Wes Coman and Geoff Suttor decided it would be fun to model and rig Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner for messiah and make them available to anyone who wanted to play with them.  Guillaume Laforge took them up on the offer and here's his results.  If you'd like to give it a shot yourself, here are the messiah files:  Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner        Videos:  MPG    Real Player

The Glass Cage
(2.5megs, Quicktime; no sound)  by  Akira Orikasa of CafeFX
This amazing animation of Brad Pitt uses the same rig as "The Boxer" (see below).  Take extra note of the amazing quality of the deformation of the shoulders.  Great work Akira!  And this was using the original project:messiah plug-in; we look forward to seeing what Akira will do now that he has the latest version. :-)

(1.9megs, MPEG; sound)  by CafeFX
This animation was created as an in-house download to test bone-controlled muscle systems.  Says it's creator, Akira Orikasa, "I must tell you there would have been no way to create this animation without messiah."  The motion is roto-animated from a reference with Muscle expression to simulate human anatomy, and the facial animation is done with Morph Blender.  The hair is done with Sasquatch.

Let Love Be Your Energy
(15.6megs, DivX format; sound)  by Passion Pictures
Passion Pictures does it again!  Using messiah for all character animation and camerawork, Passion Pictures created a fun, sexy video for Robbie Williams' latest single, "Let Love Be Your Energy".  Most recently, it was part of the Siggraph 2001 Animation Theater.   
Note:  This video contains animated nudity and adult situations, and may not be suitable for children under 18.  Yes, really.

Let Love Be Your Energy - Bloopers & Outtakes
(8.3megs, MPEG format; sound)  by Passion Pictures
Even on animated films it sometimes seems like nothing goes right.  After you've watched the "Let Love Be Your Energy" video, take a look at these hilarious bloopers and outtakes.  These were a big hit at Siggraph. 
Note: This video contains adult language, animated nudity and adult situations, and may not be suitable for children under 18.  Yes, really.

Gorillaz:  19/2000
(15megs, MPEG format; sound)  by Passion Pictures
Another great music video made by Passion Pictures with project:messiah.  This is one of several they've done for Gorillaz. 

(6.5megs, DivX format; sound)  by FX studio
This is the first character animation short from FX studio in Germany.  It features some really fun 2D and 3D animation (the 3D being, of course, done with messiah), and it's a great example of what a small group of talented artists can do given the right tools.

(2.5megs, DivX format; sound)  by Shane Ushijima
"Pitchbug" is an animation created to test messiah's character animation tools.  We should all wish that our "little tests" were this good.  :-)

(2.2megs, DivX format; sound)  by Taron
This animation was created for the messiah download reel for Siggraph 2001.  It's a deceptively simple piece of animation.  What you're looking at is a sophisticated combination of bones (for the mouth and brows) and morphs (for some of the wrinkles).  And if you've got the eyes for it, we have a stereoscopic 3D version of it too.  To view it, cross your eyes so the two images form a new one in the middle, then relax your eyes into focus.  A good viewing distance is about 12-18 inches from the screen.  3D Pron (DivX).

F8  (Teaser)
(5.4megs, DivX format; sound)  by Jason Wen
This is a trailer for a short film.  All animation (including the camera) was created in messiah.  Jason's favorite messiah features: interface speed, MorphBlender, expressions, and IK.  Note: The DivX format provides the best image, but if you don't have that codec or don't want to install it, here are some additional formats: MPEG (8megs) 

D and Ad
(5.4megs, MPEG; sound)  by Passion Pictures
A fun and very funny introduction piece for the Design and Advertising annual award ceremony in England.  Character animation created in project:messiah 1.5.

Wonka Candies
(4.5megs, MPEG; sound)  by Passion Pictures
A television advertisement for Wonka candies.  All character animation was created with messiah.

Thunderball Lottery
(3megs, MPEG; sound)   by Passion Pictures
This is a 19 second television advertisement for the Thunderball lottery.  The character animation was done with messiah.

Morons From Uranus
(2.1megs, MPEG; sound)  by Charles Anderson, Josh Gunther & Jose Perez III
This scene is part of a short film created as a class assignment in character animation at the Art Institute of Seattle.

Colgate Toothpaste
(4.5megs, MPEG; sound)  by Passion Pictures
This is a 29 second television advertisement for Colgate toothpaste.  The character animation was done with messiah.