The messiah community grows larger every day as users interact with each other and share their knowledge. This is flattering to us and to messiah itself, as it helps everyone in so many ways. Not only do the plug-ins, content, advice, etc. have an immediate beneficial impact on the user community, but, as our users have seen, it has a direct impact on the program itself.

Since the beginning, messiah has been extremely user driven, and not just from the big studios. Our desire to help digital artists is made easier by the care and effort that went into the base program, so adding features, modifying tools, and experimenting with new ideas is not only possible, it's being done on a daily basis with input from our users. With messiah's powerful, easy to use API, the power is now in the hands of anyone who wants to wield it.

As a result, we have created this page to direct users and potential users to the main resources that are out there.

Online Docs

Online manual, if it's still maintained there: