Demo versions
messiahStudio5 Demo version
WinXP and above
download 35 mb Dec 1 2010
messiahStudio5 Demo version
Mac Intel based machines only. MacOS 10.4 and above
download 180 mb Dec 1 2010
Full Version Installs
messiahStudio6 - Full Installs for current users download here  
Online Documentation
Documentation. The documentation is now online. Click the link >> The docs  
SDK Related Items
messiahStudio connections OpenSource - Connection plugin C source code to connect messiah's animation to Maya, Max, Lightwave, C4D or your own proprietary program.  download 13 mb Apr 16 2009
SDK/API. For C/C++ language programming of messiahStudio plugins and connections download 1 mb Mar 8 2010