Downloads - Full Versions For Paid Customers

Windows and LINUX/WINE Version Installs

There is only one version to install. Whether it's run as PRO or BASIC Edition is controlled by your license file.
PRO users can install both the 32bit and 64 bit versions.
BASIC users install the 32bit version.
messiahStudio6 32 Bit Full version
Windows XP and above
download 40 mb April 12 2013
messiahStudio6 64 Bit Full version
Windows XP and above
LINUX/ WINE if your WINE allows 64bit
download 40 mb April 12 2013
Mac Version Installs
messiahStudio6 Full version
Mac Intel based machines only. MacOS 10.4 to 10.6.9 (Mac 10.7 Lion seems to have a bug that prevents it from installing and running. Lion users are installing under Windows on their Macs, and then covert their Windows license  wher Apple has fixed the issue in an OS update when available)
Comming Soon 180 mb Comming soon
Online Documentation
Documentation. The documentation is now online. Click the link >> The docs  
SDK Related Items
messiahStudio connections OpenSource - Connection plugin C source code to connect messiah's animation to Maya, Max, Lightwave, C4D or your own proprietary program.  download 13 mb Apr 16 2009
SDK/API. For C/C++ language programming of messiahStudio plugins and connections download 1 mb Mar 8 2010