Shop pmG - Last Chance Upgrade: Official Closeout of ms5.0

Attention 5.0 users: this is your last chance to upgrade to the current version messiahStudio6 Pro $20, and avoid the price increase. Get up to date on the latest version, maintain your upgrade status, and see what's in store for the future

All users who have not upgraded to 6 will be locked out of upgrade status and can only purchase as a new user, at the new price.
If you want to convert your 6 license to subscription, after that, you will have one chance to do so at only $40 for a year before this price goes up.

Upgrades are done via License manager. You will receive an email with your new login info.
Login, generate and update copy and paste the new license text into your old file, and you're ready to run. New License will run both 5 and 6



 Upgrade MS5 to MS6 PRO
(Limited number of upgrades available. Special may end in few days without notice.)

$149 $20