pmG's  Dare To Share ™  $30  Challenge

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PROGRESS BAR   When it reachs the end, this special will close. Act fast and get yours, then spread the word to gaurantee it
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We're doing a campaign where your success in sharing this offer will allow you and others to get our amazing award winning animation and rendering software ( messiahStudio6 ) for the unheard of price of just $30 (regularly $1195).  When this campaign ends, the price will return to a $399 special, and you will no longer be eligible to purchase at the $30 price.


This is the same software that studios and individuals, in more than 114 countries around the world, have been using to create visual effects for some of your favorite movies, commercials, games and music videos; and now you can get it at a no excuses price, if you "Dare To Share™".  People using our software have been nominated for Academy Awards, and changed their lives creating things they'd never thought possible on their own.  CG Animated Features, Visual Effects, Consumer Product and Architectural Visualization, Simulation, Plugin Development, Smart Phone App Animation and Game Development Export; What will you do?


Everyone needs a chance to show what they can do.  That chance is more often limited by money. There were people who gave us a chance to prove what we could do starting out, and now we're giving one to you. It's the best deal we've ever offered, and a chance you may never have again. Order now to reserve your copy; we will accept no crying if you miss out : )


Rules: Everyone can only receive their license when the progress bar gets to the goal.  That's your incentive to spread the word and share the offer. Help yourself while helping others, at the same time. There's nothing to loose, since if the goal isn't met, you'll automatically be refunded in full.

This offer is open to: Students, recent grads, teachers, schools, training centers, game developers, starving artists, hobbyists, the unemployed, and the underemployed, in any country. Limit 4 copies per customer.

These are full Pro level licenses, and can be sold or transfered, if you want to buy them for others.


We will update the progress bar so you can see where you're at in reaching that goal.  When the bar reaches the end, we will close out the offer and no further orders will be allowed; no exceptions.  Whether you get the software for this amazing price is up to you, and how well you get the word out.





  • Animation
  • Rendering
  • Plugin SDK
  • 32Bit Version
  • 64Bit Version (windows only)
  • Multi-Core CPU Support
  • Metamation Multi Mesh
  • High Quality Global Illumination Rendering
  • Dynamic Interactive Render View
  • Sketch on top of your scene
  • Hair Instanced geomtery Object Placement
  • 4 Times Rendering Speed
  • View Shader Displacement in OpenGL
  • Weight Painting Tools
  • AutoRig 3
  • FBX Export
  • Realtime 3D Stereoscopic World View
  • Scene Referencing
  • Point Animation Module
  • Hair with Guides, Dynamics & Collision
  • Unlimited rendernode License
  • Enhanced FastMDD support
  • And more!

$1195  $30   (Limited Time!)
Windows / Mac( through Crossover/WINE or Bootcamp)
MacOS 10.68 and before



** If the goal is met, a limited number of users who purchased version 6.0 before this offer,and are also eligible for this offer, may receive a credit of the difference between the equivalent version they purchased, and this special; if the goal met allows.